Our location in Nairobi,Republic of Kenya offers providers an accessible market for trading precious metal products. The precious metals are then sold in the international markets for use by bullion banks, jewellers and investors. This allows us to obtain the best possible prices for our customers. We provide immediate payment to our supplier’s account in full on receipt of assay.


Precious metals

Our experience and footprint in Africa has allowed us to develop a network of suppliers and customers requiring precious metals commodities for their markets.

Our central location among the traders in East Africa allows us to source these commodities at the best bulk prices globally. We sell these commodities in the international market. We have grown this business model to allow us to become one of the leading suppliers in the African continent.

The precious commodities that we deal with include raw unrefined gold, rough diamonds,copper cathodes,tantalite(coltan/colombite) ruby gannet and gemstones.Gemstones are abundant in various mountainous regions in kenya and the larger East Africa.