Fuel Trading

We can organize cheap fuels suppliers – EN-590 (European disel), petrol 95 and 98, LPG, LNG, JP54, oil. Trading contracts can be on CIF or FOB. FOB transactions are transactions with the collection of fuels from Rotterdam, Vladivostok or other Russian ports. The prices we can offer will be with very good discount from Platts price.We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful, manage its trade ,storage ,and supply where they are most needed reliably, efficiently and responsibly.We are firmly involved with the entire value chain including importantly ,transportation, logistics of products.

The origin of the crude oil and refined products traded are the middle east ,Asia Pacific Region and Africa.We secure energy from producers and suppliers through off take agreements and long standing relationships based on trust and reliability.

In order to further diversify our crude oil portfolio ,we are in the process of expanding our business into trading of liquified Natural Gas(LNG) As part of our expansion strategy, we also trade middle distillates products ,which covers jet fuel, diesel, gas ,oil and any refined products.We trade the full range of distillates ,from the very low to high sulphur.