If you are a prospective customer please download an account opening form and submit it to info@N& along with the necessary customer requirement documents that includes all the information we need in order to process your new account.



Customer Requirements

• Account Opening Form (Original)

• Trade License

• Memorandum and Articles of Association/Share Register

• Passport copy for all beneficial owners/authorized signatories for the account.

• Personal Utility Bill (showing home address with last 6 months)

• For scrap jewellery and/or pure gold supply chain customers, please submit the following:

  • Sample Invoices (min 2-3) showing purchase date and country of origin.
  • Dated within 1 year from date of this application.
  • Submit for each country of origin.
  • Source of gold statement (sample format available on request).

• For doré (mine originated) bars supply chain customers, please submit the following:

  • Supplier’s Trade License
  • Supplier’s Export License
  • Supplier’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Mine owner’s Mining Licence (mine from which the gold originates)
  • Supplier’s passport copies (all beneficial owners mentioned on MOA)

• If you are a mine owner:

  •  Mining License
  •  Passport copy of mine owner

• NB:

  1. We only accept documents in English and Arabic.
  2. These are the initial requirements. It may be necessary to request further documents.

• Agreements/Contracts will be sent after our compliance department has approved your application. We comply with strict DMCC Guidelines and OECD Guidelines.